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Attn: Prospective Employer.

If you are at this web page then you have received my cover letter expressing my interest in employment with your company,

or you have recieved my resume without pictures as they are very large files, so please scroll down to view my vehicles.

My name is Steven D. Blume,


I am a well groomed, clean shaven, physically fit, drug, alcohol, tattoo and piercing free, non-smoker residing in El Cajon, CA.

I am a Fleet Marine Force, Navy Veteran with a clean criminal background and class C, CA driver's license.

I am a self-motivated, detailed-oriented, disciplined, and responsible team player who can adhere to a Flexible work schedule.


While my primary trade is Plumbing, I have several years of experience in the residential and commercial customer service, management and service technician related industries,

e.g., Residential, restaurant and retail management; public and client relations, planning, organizing and problem solving.

Building management, remodel, repair and maintenance; plumbing, carpentry, minor electrical, home, kitchen and bath remodeling and repair, door, window and screen installation and repair, cabinet installation, reface and repair, appliance installation, maintenance and minor repair. 

Data communications, high speed internet, SOHO network and PC installation, maintenance and repair.

Home theater installation to include Digital, Plasma & HD TV, VCR, DVD, Tivo, Hi-Fi stereo, surround sound and satellite dish installation, maintenance and repair. Low voltage wiring experience to include voice and data, coax, cat 3, cat 5, etc.

I am currently CompTIA, A+ and Network+ certified and I am studying for my MCP 70-680 Windows 7, Configuring and CompTIA, Security+ certifications. I am extremely mechanically minded with a good amount of electronic knowledge, soldering, anti-static precautions and a good understanding of computer architecture. 


I am a people oriented self-starter with initiative, drive and a strong desire to excel.

I know how to work without supervision and I am excellent with customer relations and interpersonal relationships.

I am confident that I can profitably apply my skills in a new operation; therefore, I feel I could be an asset to your company.


You may contact me at the email address and phone number below or through my contact page.

I look forward to hearing from and/or meeting with you soon.

Thank you for your time,

Steven D Blume 



Professional Employment History


April 2010 to Present: Independent Contractor (Self Employed)

Plumbing and Home Repair, Home Theater, Pick up, Delivery & Installation, Driver/Owner Operator

(619) 742-7480, Frank Mooney, owner, Pro Video Installation

(323) 394-9999, David Trent, owner, Vision Construction, now, 20/20 Vision Home Inspection

Currently, I am contracting home theater and SOHO network installations through Pro Video Installation owner, Frank Mooney,

(619) 742-7480. I am also picking up minor plumbing and remodel work in the private sector through referral & word of mouth;

however, work is increasingly slow, especially through tax time and likely to be slow during the holidays.

Previously, 2010 to 2012, I was contracting work through David Trent, (323) 394-9999, owner of Vision Construction, now, 20/20 Vision Home Inspection, who at that time held a contract to install appliances through Sears Home Improvement.

This position involved the installation of appliances, through Sears, mostly dishwashers, typically, picking up the new appliance from a designated location, deliver, install, complete paperwork and then haul away the old appliance. Work was consistent but Vision Const. was awarded territory up north and no longer employs installers in the San Diego area. Unfortunately the contractor who was awarded the San Diego area was not hiring, so I sought work in the private sector.

Jan 2004 to April 2010 - Sears Home Improvement

Phone: (858) 790-7721, Supervisor: Gabriel Rubio 

9586 Distribution Ave. suite F San Diego, CA 92121

During this time I was employed in the kitchen cabinet reface and remodel dept. for Sears Home Improvement. However, after a couple of years of doing remodel or reface installs, I chose to accept Sears offer for me to perform as their, “ Finish Plumber,” mostly for the plumbing hookups after the countertops went in. When they did not have plumbing hook ups or other plumbing work, e.g., move gas lines, hot/cold water lines, or drain conversions etc. I would perform service on cabinets, cabinet doors, countertops, laminate, electrical outlets and switches, etc. Sears decided in 2010 to use only licensed, bonded and insured contractors on their jobs and as they had very little work at that time and still have very little work, I did not feel it was profitable to obtain my C-6 license plus added insurance etc. so I went back to contracting in the private sector.

Aug 2001 to Dec 2004 - Independent Contractor (Self Employed)

Driver/Owner Operator: Home Theater Installation

During this time I was accepting the majority of my work, primarily Direct TV installs, from a company named, Installs Inc. They were subcontracting work from companies such as Best Buy, Circuit City, and Direct TV, just to name a few. Being proficient in cable and coming from working with Cox Communications I was quickly installing Satellite Dishes as well as home theater, Digital, Plasma and HD TV, VCR, DVD, Tivo, Hi-Fi Stereo, surround sound, etc. which required speakers and cable to be installed sometimes in walls, ceilings etc. running phone lines for Tivo, installing electrical lines and outlets etc. Because of my proficiency I was soon being contracted to troubleshoot problem jobs or complete/repair jobs other technicians could not. When this company lost several of its contracts the work basically got real thin then stopped. Rather than seek out a new subcontractor, in the home theater industry, I accepted an excellent opportunity to work as an employee with Sears.

Sept 1998 to June 2001 - Sunshine Communications

Phone: (619) 448-7600, Supervisor during my employment: Mark Jennings

During my employment with Sunshine Comm. as an HSD, (High speed Data), technician, my duties included the installation of the High Speed Internet Service for Cox Communications, as well as basic, expanded, and digital television installs and/or reconnects which included, customer education, running coax, cat 3 or cat 5 cable under houses, thru attics or interior/exterior wiring as necessary. This would also include installing necessary hardware and/or software on the customer’s PC or Mac. I was considered an expert technician and I was often routed with trouble calls rather than installs which included; blue screen of death, repair in the field and/or installation or re-installation for computers repaired by Cox in house technicians due to crashes caused by new hardware or software that Cox was installing at the time. Due to numerous changes in the way and the amount contractors were paid by Cox Communications for services rendered, much to my dismay, I was forced to seek other/more gainful employment.

Oct 1995 - Aug 1998 - Aloha Plumbing and Solar services

Phone: (503) 356-0630, Owner: Jim Hufton

I began working with Aloha Solar in Oct of 1995. My duties included responding to service calls for the diagnosis and repair or replacement of solar, electrical and gas water heaters, solar panels, toilets, faucets, p-traps, etc. as well as unclogging drains as necessary. Location and repair of water leaks to include full and partial rerouting of hot or cold water lines in both commercial and residential situations. Most of the calls I responded to were residential plumbing repair, however, Aloha was also involved in the contracting of tenant improvement and new construction in which I became very proficient at rough installations, including top out, trim, finish, and fire sprinkler installations, (galvanized), etc. I left Aloha Solar in Aug of 1998 due to Mr. Hufton dissolving his business and moving to Beaverton, OR. As the economy in Hawaii proved to be in desperation, I decided to move my family to San Diego, however, due to my extensive experience as a service technician of one type or another and my, self taught computer skills I decided to change my occupation and hire on with a fairly new company as a cable installation technician, changing my occupation to, HSD technician, (Cable Guy).

Nov 1991 – Sept 1995 - Hawaiiana Management

Phone: (808) 593-9100, Position: "Resident Manager" 

I was hired by Hawaiiana management to work as a resident manager, they wanted to start me in a small complex and work me up to something larger. At all of the complexes I worked the duties were very similar. Duties included grounds keeping, pool and common area cleaning and maintenance, enforcement of certain parking, pool and house rules. Maintaining necessary paperwork, overseeing vendors and special projects etc. All complexes were privately owned condominiums with a board of directors, so I did not market, show or turnover units.

Below is a list of the complexes that I worked while I was with Hawaiiana management.

May 1994 – Sept 1995 - Waikiki Townhouse 2421 Tusitala St. Waikiki, HI 96815 Google Map

30-floor, 109-unit, high-rise condominium complex with lots of ongoing interior painting, parking and house rule enforcement, as well as, ground and common area maintenance, no pool.

Jan 1993 – April 1994 - Waimalu Park 98310 Kamehameha Hwy Aiea, HI 96701 Google Map

60-units, 5-buildings, 3-floors, townhouse condominium complex with lots of yard work, common area building maintenance and parking and house rule enforcement, no pool.

Nov 1991 – Dec 1992 - Lehua Nani 950 Lehua Avenue, Pearl City, HI 96782 Google Map

49-units, 7-floors, high-rise condominium complex, with swimming pool, 2 level parking garage, lots of common area cleaning, pool and ground maintenance and parking, pool and house rule enforcement.

Dec 1990 – Dec 1991 Mrs. Fields Cookies

Pearlridge Center Mall, Kiosk 98-1005 Moanalua Rd. Aiea, HI 96701

Store Manager, specialty-food retailing, (No longer have stores in Hawaii)

Duties included opening and closing the Store, preparing and cooking product to arrange in display cases for sale.

Regulate business operations, by monitoring quality control to include inventory, ordering supplies, managing deliveries, meeting health and safety regulations, and organizing promotions.

Staff management: recruitment, training, evaluation and promotion, work assignments and schedules, etc.

Prepare cash drawers and provide petty cash as required, subsequently preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, product control and sales.

Nov 1989 – Nov 1990 Smitty’s Pancake House

46-077 Kamehameha Highway Kaneohe, HI 96744

Assistant manager (24 hour Restaurant and Bar) (No longer in business)

Duties included rotating shifts with the General Manager and two other assistant managers in running the restaurant and opening or closing the bar.

Monitor customer service levels and resolve customer issues, by addressing customer concerns, questions or complaints to ensure that the customers enjoy a quality dining experience.

Regulate business operations, by monitoring food portions and quality control to include inventory, ordering supplies, managing deliveries, meeting health and safety regulations, and organizing promotions.

Prepare cash drawers and provide petty cash as required, subsequently preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, food and liquor control and sales.

Assist the General Manager in staff management: recruitment, training, evaluation and promotion, work assignments and schedules, etc.

Relieve any staff member as necessary from the bartender down to the bus boy during mandatory break periods or fill in as necessary for any staff member who called in sick until a replacement could be contacted to cover the shift, for me this meant cooking as well, prep and line.

Note: My mother was a restaurant manager; I was practically raised in a restaurant and learned the business at an early age.

May 1987 - Oct 1989 - Geronimo Service Company

Military Base Housing Maintenance Co. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, (No longer in business)

In May of 1987 I began working as a service plumber with Geronimo. This entailed responding to occupied units to perform various plumbing and drain repairs including but not limited to the repair or replacement of, toilets, faucets, water heaters, angle stops, sinks, etc. Also clearing clogged drains as necessary and finally making a determination as to whether the cause of the damage was due to normal wear and tear or occupant abuse, which required appropriate reports to be filed. Around June of 1988 Geronimo lost a portion of their Military Housing Contracts and gained some others, which left them over manned in plumbing and undermanned in housing repair. I accepted a transfer to a position as a service technician and received on the job training in housing repair and change of occupancy. This was primarily servicing unoccupied units for turnover but did include service repairs to occupied units, as well as rotating duties as punch list tech. for housing inspections. This was similar to service plumbing and included plumbing, only now my duties were also to include but not be limited to the repair or replacement of electrical outlets, wall switches, light fixtures, wall and ceiling fans etc. Changing doors, locks, knobs, hinges, etc. repairing closet doors, vinyl and tile floors, windows, screens, sliding glass and screen doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drawers, and countertops etc. then determine probable cause of damages and file appropriate reports. When I learned that Geronimo had been underbid by ABC Co. I chose to accept a position as a resident mgr. through Hawaiiana mgmt. they started me at the Lehuanani.

Oct 1985 - Mar 1987 - Rescue Rooter Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Service

Location during my employment: 9484 Candida St. San Diego CA 92001

Now: ARS/Rescue Rooter of San Diego, 9895 Olson Drive Suite B, San Diego, CA 92121, (866) 468-8442

Position: Serviceman (Drain Cleaner/Plumber) Duties included: Responding to calls from dispatch for clogged drains, faucet, toilet, p-trap and water line leaks, etc. Diagnosed problem, sold solution, completed repairs and collected payment for finished job, filled out all necessary paperwork, cleaned and maintained a company vehicle, as well as tools and inventory. Great company to work for, they held continuing education classes every weekend to help improve their employee's technical plumbing knowledge. I became an extremely knowledgeable and proficient plumber under their tutelage. Soon I was installing double sweep cleanouts, repairing slab leaks and numerous other plumbing repairs; toilets, faucets, etc. not just clearing or cleaning drains.

Sep 1980 - Sep 1985 - United States Navy, (Marine Corps)

US Navy, Dental Technician, (Field Medical Service Technician)

Graduated Dental A School 32nd St. Naval Dental Clinic San Diego, CA

Graduated Fleet Marine Force, Field Medical Service School, US Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA

Clinical duties included: Assisting dentists in routine dental procedures and oral surgeries. Rotating duties included dental hygiene, (performing routine scalings/cleanings), radiology to include panoramic x-rays, office reception and administration. During my enlistment I was assigned to the FMF, (Fleet Marine Force), to provide The Marine Corps with clinical and medical logistics support. My Training included Field Medical Services Technician exercises in desert and cold weather, with US Marine Corps FMF at Camp Pendleton and Bridgeport CA.

In boot camp, based on my high ASVAB score, (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), I was assigned to a Drill Company, not a BMT, (Basic Military Training), company, where I was trained in crack rifle routines and privileged enough to march in two public parades, great fun for being in boot camp.

I was discharged from 32nd St. Naval Dental Clinic San Diego, CA in 1985.